OTEK® 5GPM IOGF Pilot System

OTEK® Induced Ozone Gas Flotation (IOGF) system unit is unique patent pending technology designed for water & wastewater treatment to improve efficiency operationality and to lower equipment cost per unit water treated.

It has combined ozone AOP technology, VIGF technology , Cembrane ™ SIC membrane with All -In-One unit. It provides high membrane flux rate without constant CIP and CEB to save customer operation cost.

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OTEK ® V I G F is fundamentally a recirculation design involves introducing air or gas into the wastewater stream via an educator or static mixer, coalescing the oil/solids, releasing the water in a separation vessel, skimming the “floated” oil and solids from the s ur face of the vessel and discharging clarified effluent from the bottom of the vessel.

OTEK® VIGF combines all of these actions in a unique vertical design which incorporates the principles of stokes law by using finely dispersed gas to reduce the apparent density of the oil and solids, increase their droplet size and greatly increase buoyancy through coalescence. The vertical annular riser eliminates the potential for short circuit flow found in some horizontal designs, and combines “column flotation” technology with its downflow design, which promotes flotation of oil at the surface.

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50K BWPD Water Treatment Rental Fleets

OTEK has been working with SLB water team to offer clients following equipment for rental & field services.

25K BWPD each train included: Open PDF